Will Artificial Intelligence replace Human Intelligence? 

Will AI replace humans?

No, AI will not replace human intelligence, because it is humans who are developing AI applications through programming and algorithms. Automation makes it easy to replace manual labor and today, in every field, these AI technologies are making it easier to complete complex tasks.

Will smart machines really replace human workers?

probably not. Both people and AI bring different capabilities and strengths to do…more
In an economy where data is changing how companies create value — and compete — experts estimate that widespread use of artificial intelligence (AI) could add $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. While AI is changing the way companies operate, many believe it will also change who does the work — and organizations will start replacing human employees with intelligent machines. It’s already happening: intelligent systems are displacing humans in manufacturing, service delivery, recruitment and the financial industry, resulting in human workers shifting to low-paying jobs or making them unemployed. This trend has led some to conclude that our workforce will be completely unrecognizable in 2040.

Are humans and machines really competing with each other?

The history of work – especially since the Industrial Revolution – is a history of people outsourcing their labor to machines. While beginning with simple, repetitive physical tasks like knitting, machines have evolved to the point where they can now think through complex cognitive tasks like math equations, language and speech recognition, and writing. Machines thus appear poised to replicate the workings not only of our bodies, but of our minds as well. In the 21st century, AI is becoming superior to humans in many tasks, making us seem ready to outsource our intelligence to technology. With this latest trend, it seems that there is nothing that cannot be automated soon, which means that no job is safe from being offloaded to machines.

However, we believe that the role that AI will play in the workplace is misconceived. The question of whether AI will replace human workers assumes that AI and humans have the same qualities and capabilities – but, in reality, they don’t. AI-based machines are faster, more accurate and consistently rational, but they are not intuitive, emotional or culturally sensitive. And, it is precisely these abilities that humans possess and that make us effective.

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