Human Brain Capacity

The amazing capacity of human brains.

The human brain is one of the most complex organs. Breathing, walking, talking, laughing, thinking and feeling are all controlled by the brain.

Structure of brain

The brain are made up with billions of Nerves cells called neurons .these neuron can communicate with each other and pass eletrical signal to each other ,the brain is devided into three parts .

१. Cerebellum : Is a vital component in brain it’s play role in motor control .in that involve such as language , emotion control etc.

२. Cerebrum: it is the largest part of the human brain and it can initiate the coordinates moment and regulate temperature.

३. Brainstem: Is the bottom portion of you brain and it can connect the brain to your spinel cords and it can regulate heart rate , breathing .

Where is the memory stored in the brain?

So ,the most available evidence is suggest that the memory is stored in hippocampus in the human brain


In the day human brain is use around 0.3 kWh per day for avarage adults.
And you know it’s a 100 time more than our smartphone require daily.

How to train you brain to be more creative?

Here is the few ways that based on neuroscience.

1. Engage with nature
It’s mean looking at trees and leaves ,instead using electronic devices that things can reduce hou anxiety and stress and many more.

2. Meditate : Meditation can make our mind or brain stable and it can improve our concentration .

3. Connect with different kind of people : Diversity can make your brain work harder than normally .

4. Exrecices : doing exercises is also help to reduce stress and make able to take smart decisions.

Amazing facts you don’t know is that

Human brain capacity is 2.5 Peta bytes is equivalent to 2.5 million gigabytes of memory

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