Satya Nadella : The Future of Technology , Success story, Life changing journey

A person of very clear opinions, Mr. Satya Nadella entered the world of technology with lofty ambitions. With a masterful mind he always followed his instincts and flew to the pinnacle of success. This renowned javelin is achieving big goals as a children’s sport and is moving towards a bright future. There are many leaders around whom people rise, but only a few rise to heights that surprise everyone. In this process, clear vision plays a very crucial role and is difficult to sustain in a troubled world. Those who are willing to stamp their remarkable existence in golden words, never let any right opportunity slip away, be it big or small. In the long race, only the intuitive go ahead to conquer the world with their extraordinary aptitude.

Microsoft CEO A utopian leader like Mr. Satya Nadella comes forward as an excellent pioneer. He has the courage to carve his way even in difficult situations. Mr. Satya Nadella is someone who knows how to project things to achieve a specific goal. His comment “I always want to create things” shows his penchant for creating new things. He is a computer science student and strongly believes that this course will be the beginning of his journey to success. At a very early stage it was sorted out about its strategies that would help it maintain its desired position in the technology sector. Following his intuition, today Mr. Satya Nadella has achieved his goal by attaining a prominent position in his aspirational field.

Remembrance of the past :

Born on 19 August 1967 in Hyderabad, Telangana, Mr. Sathya Nadella belongs to a Telugu family. He did his schooling from Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet. Mr. Satya Nadella’s father was working as a civil servant in the Indian Administrative Service. One of the most important steps he took to reach the top was his degree in electronics and telecommunications, a tough field of engineering. He graduated in 1988 from Manipal Institute of Technology, which was then affiliated to Mangalore University and is currently, a part of Manipal, Karnataka. To touch the sky, Mr. Satya Nadella went to America for higher education. There, in 1990, he earned a master’s degree in computer science from the prestigious University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Later, to enhance their exceptional leadership qualities. He decided to pursue an MBA from the prestigious University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Although Mr. Satya Nadella enrolled in Electrical Engineering with the intention of finding his true passion, he gradually realized that this course was the one that would take him further in his career. He never deviated from his path. One of the main reasons for his success is that he does what he is passionate about. He is a man of high morals who believes in doing his job without high expectations. According to him, one should selflessly focus on one’s work for good results. Rather than chasing after success, people should make real efforts
Strive in every task, so that success itself leans against them.

A remarkable journey :

4 February 2014 Mr. Satya Nadella is having a very remarkable day. This day was an important day in his life as he was appointed as the CEO of a very prestigious firm known all over the world, Microsoft. For Satya Nadella, those moments were nothing less than treasures; He had worked tirelessly for years to reach this peak. 22 years of hard work was the main reason that led him to this peak. Also, his sincere efforts inspire millions to believe in his virtue. Mr. Satya Nadella’s illustrious business journey began in 1992 when he joined Microsoft. The firm became a platform for him where he got an opportunity to execute his potential. With determination and a masterful mind, he has taken Microsoft to new heights. A series of achievements began with Sun Microsystems. Before becoming an integral part of Microsoft, he was a respected member of the technology staff at Sun Microsystems. Mr. Satya Nadella has occupied a special position since the year he joined Microsoft. He was President of the Servers and Tools Division (February 9, 2011 – February 2014). Next, he led the research and development department for the online services division as senior vice president. Additionally, Mr. Satya Nadella was the Vice President of the Microsoft Business Division. He was also Corporate Vice President of Business Solutions and Search and Advertising Platforms Group. Previously, he was named executive vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group and led the design and maintenance of the company’s computing platform, developer tools, and cloud computing services. In addition to chairing Mr. Satya Nadella, he serves on the Board of Trustees of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. “Microsoft is a very cherished part of his existence. Mr. Satya Nadella has given valuable years of his life to this organization. His consistent promotions in the firm are enough to prove that he is an asset to IT”

Nutrition of Microsoft :

Microsoft is a very dear part of his existence. Mr. Satya Nadella has given valuable years of his life to this organization. His consistent promotions in the firm are enough to prove him an asset. He has contributed a lot in taking the firm to where it is today. He has spent sleepless nights establishing Microsoft as a brutal organization. Mr. Satya Nadella was the driving force behind Microsoft’s cloud computing initiative and was involved in the development of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure. He is credited with the exceptional launch of Microsoft’s Cloud OS strategy, a backend system for its online services. Cloud OS helps run Microsoft services such as Bing, SkyDrive, Xbox Live, Windows Server and Visual Studio.

Friendly perception :

The small steps they take have played an important role in their journey. One thing he strictly follows is to finish every job perfectly. Mr. Satya Nadella is surprise

d to realize that the modern generation is more focused on profit than experience. People are beginning to look for alternatives to empiricism which ultimately leads to less knowledge. People want to know that lack of awareness can only produce fruitless results. Reluctance to work hard affects positive career prospects. Also, Mr. Sathya Nadella considers the lack of stability among the youth. He finds it difficult to understand why people today cannot stick to their decisions. However, he acknowledges the fact that changing jobs can be helpful in improving the growth graph. But for Mr. Satya Nadella, this is a change. Recurring, something fundamentally wrong and development cannot be expected without correcting the wrong flow.

Synonyms for perfection :

Big success certainly brings with it big responsibilities which can lead to arrogance in a person but Mr. Satya Nadella is still the gentle person he was at the beginning of his career. This leader certainly has abundant traits that one may wish to imbibe in his character. His aura leaves an impression that encourages people to follow in his footsteps. Today the entire country is proud of him and wants India to have more truth. “Perfection comes with experience,” says Mr. Satya Nadella’s story shows it well. Although he had been at Microsoft for a long time when he was chosen as the new CEO of the firm. But the only thing standing in his way was that he had no previous experience as a CEO. At that time, his sheer dedication, hard work, experimentation and willpower were the main factors that got him selected for this post. he firm itself realized that Mr. Satya Nadella was always the most reliable person who could sustain Microsoft’s reputation and growth in the future as well. Also, there were times when the company found that only Mr. Satya Nadella could take decisions in critical situations which would later or sooner appear on the path to greater success. Thus, destiny wrote a new chapter in the life book of Mr. Satya Nadella.

“This journey has kept me on my toes and constantly inspired me,” Mr. Satya Nadella said in an interview. He has faced many hurdles in his dream journey at Microsoft. There were times when they were completely confused as to what the next plan should be to put it into action. But with the strength of his intellect, he found a solution every time.  There is a consistency to Mr. Satya Nadella’s business campaign success chart that attracts The attention of everyone around him. He has won the prestigious award, Indian of the Year.

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